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How Will These Listings Make Such A Big Difference?

Local directories provide trust and power to your maps listing and sometimes even your website. Directories like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, BBB, etc. all are great sources of relevancy, however they have made it known to search engines that while they will “list” your business on their site, they will not allow it to pass any power to yours. Our links not only offer a huge amount of trust to your maps listing and website, but they also pass power by acting as what’s called a “do-dollow” link. They are branded with your important business information, include all your social profile listings, are google maps embedded, and have unique content. 

These branded directory links offer a high amount of trust flow due to the quality of the links. Since they are “do-follow” links and have established a high authority and trust score with google already, they will return the same power to you.

How Quickly Will I Be Able To See The Results?

Listings are submitted within 1-3 days from date of payment. These links index very quickly, and we are able to send you over a report as soon as all listings are live. Our clients typically start seeing results and improvements in their map pack ranking anywhere from 7-14 days after submission. 

These listings are designed to go live naturally and organically so that you can be sure you wont end up with a penalty from Google.

Will These Listings Work For My Business Type?

These local listings help any and all businesses with their online reputation. No matter what type of service you offer, you want to make sure you include relevant links like these to improve your trust with search engines.

No-Follow Link; Most websites are willing to give you a “backlink” to your website. However, some very powerful websites like Facebook, YouTube, and other super powerful sites, will give you a backlink, but they will mark this link as “no-follow” so that when google picks up the link, they are telling Google NOT to pass ANY of their power to you. These links can be good for trust, but not for power.

Do-Follow Link; These links are just the opposite. You get a backlink on another website other than your own, and when that domain for the website gives you their backlink, they mark it as a “do-follow” link. Which tells Google that you ARE passing your power and Google reads it as such. There for giving you trust, and authority/power from the domain that referred you.

*These 300 Directories are Do-Follow Links that use your business name as the branded anchor text. Google loves this method and is the safest method as far as SEO is concerned.

Who "owns" these directories?

These are not 3rd party links, we partner with the company that owns the links directly so we can be sure we are using white-hat SEO methods. These are not from standard directories that only offer “No-Follow” links such as facebook, youtube, yellow pages etc.

Facebook and all those other common online directories do not allow you to take any of their “power” from their sites. Our listings all give you POWER and TRUST which in turn gives you authority with Google.

These links are from directories in the United States that have a good reputation with search engines. They are branded and “anchored” to your business name. So, you can be sure they are not spam or non-relevant links.

What if i'm not happy with my purchase?

If you feel at any time that these links were not what you expected, or that they have negatively impacted your business…

You can simply reach out to our support team and we will remove the listings on your behalf. 

What's a "map pack"?

If you were to jump into Google and type “Plumber near me” for example, the map pack is the section of Google Business Page listings that pops up directly underneath any local advertisements. 

This is sometimes referred to as the “3-pack”. 

The top 3 businesses listed in the map pack share around 30% of the monthly search volume by customers searching for your specific services. 

Can I use these Directories if I don’t have a Google Business Page?

You can use it without a Google Business Listing ONLY If you have a business address that can be used to submit these 300 listings.

This can be a home address if you plan to use it to verify your Google Business Listing in the future. They will still help your website. If you don’t have a GBP or a website, these links may not be best for you at this time.

Why is this a better deal than other directory listing services?

That’s a great question!

Typically, if you were to go out and get these types of high-quality listings individually as standalone sites – they would cost anywhere from $5-20 a piece (or more)!

Since we have a direct relationship with the company that provides the links, we are able to get these 300 links for a one-time flat fee discounted at $149. If you have business updates down the road and need to modify or update these listings, we charge a small $10 fee to update them.

Why should I purchase these from you and not directly from the source?

The same company that we have established a partnership with charges a $300 monthly service fee per company to keep these listings live permanently. 

For you to purchase directly it would cost you $3,600 per year!!

We charge a one time service fee of $149 so that you don’t have to worry about any monthly recurring expenses and can still get the extensive benefits that these listings offer. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer a 3 pay option for these listings.

The 3-pay option is 3 payments of $58 billed weekly for 3 weeks for a total of $174.00. To get the discounted rate of $149 it must be a full pay option upfront.

What If I Need To Update My Business Info at a later time?

Updating your important business information has never been easier. Understanding how important it is to have your listings branded and showing relevance on search engines is vital to your local SEO rankings. Just simply submit a form showing your updated hours, address, phone number, whatever it may be, and we handle the rest. 

Why would I ever need to update my business information?

If you have any major key changes to your Google business listing, such as business hour changes, address changes or business name changes, its important that your business info match and be the same across the board. Otherwise, Google can have a hard time understanding that these links belong to your business and can negatively affect your local rankings.


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